As one of the leading retailers of used cars in the Plymouth area, we understand that fuel economy is a big deal for some of our drivers. This is the reason why our dealers and auto experts at Van Horn Budget Auto have put together some of their top fuel-saving tips to pass on to you.

Saving Fuel

Fuel economy is a hot button issue for drivers nowadays, especially as prices per gallon rise and the need for better gas mileage rises with it. Fortunately, you can improve your gas mileage without investing in a brand new pricy hybrid car.

There are many ways to reduce fuel consumption, and one way we recommend is by putting less pressure on the gas pedal. By reducing how hard that you accelerate you can, in turn, lower how much fuel you’re injecting into your engine’s cylinders. For instance, if you’re approaching a stop, don’t accelerate, just rely on the momentum and coast. This can completely change the way you drive, and be difficult to learn, but once you do, it’ll save you plenty of cash at the pump.

Another thing that we suggest is that you watch the weight of your vehicle. How much your vehicle weighs, or more importantly, how much cargo it’s carrying your vehicle can dramatically increase how hard your engine has to work.

Of course, at the top of our recommendation list is to rely on a team of trustworthy local auto experts to keep your car in shape, like the team at our Wisconsin car dealership. While we may be known for used cars at Van Horn Budget Auto, we also provide a breadth of automotive to give you the best driving experience possible.