At first glance, cars can seem nearly indestructible. On a daily basis, they take on the rough and tumble of the road with ease. That said, the auto experts in our service center in Sheboygan know that while our cars may seem invincible, they can be very sensitive to extreme temperatures. Fortunately, our team of mechanics at Van Horn Budget Auto is here to help you keep your engine running well no matter what the weather is outside.

Temperature can change a lot of things in your engine, especially when the weather is extremely cold or extremely hot. When temperatures rise, it is your cooling system that is tasked with keeping your engine from overheating. If left exposed to extreme heat, the systems and components inside your engine are more susceptible to breaking down.

Your cooling system operates using a system of parts that all work together to keep things at optimal levels. Components like your radiator, tubing, and air vents can all play a significant role in keeping your engine cool, but one factor, in particular, is susceptible to extreme cold as well: coolant. Coolant is the fluid that courses through your radiator and helps regulate your engine’s temperature. Much like other motor fluids, your standard coolant can only withstand so much cold and risks freezing in your radiator posing all sorts of roadside hazards. This is why our auto mechanics recommend that you switch to a winter-grade coolant when the weather in the Sheboygan County gets worse for wear.

Auto maintenance can be a full-time job. Fortunately, when you visit our auto dealership in WI we’ll take care of all of your servicing needs. Van Horn Budget Auto is a premier dealership in the Sheboygan area, and we work hard to make sure your engine is giving you the best performance possible.