The tires you ride on can make a whole entirely different driving experience, and while standard tires can do the trick in most cases, a decent set of chunky off-road tires can provide a superior level of traction when needed most. At Van Horn Budget Auto we’re home to used car dealers who understand the nuances of different tires, and why off-road tires may be the better choice for some drivers.

If you’ve ever taken your car off of the pavement and into the wilderness then you’ve probably encountered an off-road trail or two. Especially near Plymouth, there are tons of natural preserves and wilderness parks with trails that lead to some of the most remote parts of the countryside. Unfortunately, you shouldn’t tackle these off-pavement passages on a set of standard street tires.

Street tires can do a decent job of holding to the pavement throughout most of the year, but when it comes to tackling truly challenging terrain you’ll want something that’s up for the task. Off-road tires tend to be bigger, thicker, and sport much deeper tread than their run of the mill counterparts. While off-road tires may cause more drag, which in turn can reduce gas mileage, they’ll provide superior traction on and off the pavement. So that means, even in the rough winters of Plymouth, WI, a nice set of off-road tires will stay planted on the road even through snow and ice.

Off-road tires can provide superior peace of mind whether cruising around town when road conditions are at their worst, or adventuring through the beautiful WI countryside. At Van Horn Budget Auto the technical experts in our services center can help you get a set of off-road tires that fit your vehicle like a glove.