Is your car winter ready? If not, our car service experts at Van Horn Budget Auto will be sure to outfit your vehicle with everything you need to take on those rough Sheboygan winters. From frigid chill to blistering snowstorms, we’ll help you get through the winter season without so much as a busted tire.

If you haven’t been to our car care center in a while, then you may be overdue for a winter-readiness check. Winter in Sheboygan can be pretty brutal, with freezing and the occasional winter storm. There are many things we do to make sure your vehicle is winter-ready, one of which is to check your tires out. Your tires are your first line of protection when out on the road this winter. If your tires are bald, unevenly worn, or simply not equipped to handle the rough Sheboygan weather, then we’ll suggest that you order a replacement.

You should also have your entire engine checked out before the worst weather hits. Having your engine give out on you out in the middle of the frigid cold is the last thing you want to happen. We’ll inspect your vehicle from hood to trunk, to be sure that every aspect of your vehicle is ready to handle the cold.

Of course, we also recommend that our customers drive cautiously. With the winter weather, road conditions are unlikely to recover until the spring. Fortunately, we’ll give you some helpful winter driving tips so that if you do have to take to the road through the holiday season you can get to your destination in one piece.

Taking on Sheboygan winters is no easy task, although we’ll help get through them without a single slip-n-slide. Our used car dealers and auto mechanics at Van Horn Budget Auto are all expected to treat our customers like family, and that extends to those looking to get their vehicles winter-ready.