As one of the biggest retailers for used cars in the Plymouth, WI area we understand that when our customers look for a car, safety is a major focus of their search. Our auto dealers at Van Horn Budget Auto are well-versed on the subject of safety features and realize that things that were once considered premium add-ons are now considered essentials for driving safely

A long time ago, essential safety features included airbags and seat belts. There was even a time before that when seatbelts were considered a needless luxury. Today, cars that are constantly looking out for the driver and watching the road autonomously are considered crucial for a safe and worthwhile driving experience.

There are a number of safety features out there, but one of our top favorites is adaptive cruise control. This is an active safety feature that constantly observes the flow of traffic and will automatically adjust the speed of your vehicle to stay with the flow of things, no input needed. This feature is just a few steps shy of an entirely self-driving vehicle, which is a big deal for plenty of Wisconsin car shoppers.

Another feature to look out for is automatic emergency braking. This safety feature can slow or even stop your vehicle moments before a collision. While automatic emergency braking may not be fool-proof it does provide peace of mind comparable to that of seatbelts and airbags.

Last on our short-list of safety feature favorites is a surround-view camera system. This is the next evolution in rearview cameras and uses an array of cameras to create a complete 360-degree view of the area around your vehicle, greatly reducing the chances of parking lot collisions.

Sure, these safety features sound impressive, but we highly recommend that you visit our dealership to see for yourself what some of these features look like in application. Van Horn Budget Auto is a premier used car dealership that believes in finding the perfect car for each of our customers.