Just because you’re looking for a family car, doesn’t mean that you have to buy it brand new. At Van Horn Budget Auto we’re a used car dealership in Sheboygan County that believes in the value of a used car, and how finding a great family-centric vehicle can make all the difference.

Step into our Sheboygan used car showroom, and you’ll likely be overwhelmed by the number of options available to you. From sleek sports cars to rugged pickup trucks, we offer a diverse range of preowned options, however, some drivers are on the hunt for a used car that is designed with the family in mind.

There are several things to keep a lookout for when purchasing a used family-oriented vehicle, but active-safety features obviously remain at the top of the list. Features like active cruise control and automatic emergency braking can not only provide parents with peace of mind but can help you avoid a collision. Another characteristic to seek out in your used family-friendly vehicle is space. Sure, a compact car might serve as a great fit for a small family unit, but an expanding family is going to need more than just a single row of rear seats. For this reason, we often suggest that parents purchase a sports utility vehicle or SUV. These vehicles are far more spacious than their smaller counterparts, and the full-sized options are bound to provide plenty of room for everything you need, from the kids and groceries to the family dogs.

Whether you’re a family of three, or a family of five, we’ll help you find the perfect fit at Van Horn Budget Auto. Besides our varied selection of used SUVs, we host auto dealers who are passionate about the process and always strive to provide you with the services and resources you need to find the car of your dreams.