At Van Horn Budget Auto of Plymouth, WI we’ve earned a reputation for being a used car dealership with affordable cars and a team that is fully committed to customer service excellence. One of the many topics we discuss with our customers is the road hazards they might experience while on the road, and how best to avoid them.

The road can be unpredictable. Being aware of potential hazards can play a huge role in your experience, and can offer you greater peace of mind when sat behind the wheel.

One of the many hazards often encountered by our drivers is adverse road conditions. Often caused by poor weather, wet, icy, or snowy roads can dramatically affect the amount of traction your wheels can maintain with the road. During instances when road conditions are less than favorable, it is always wise to be cautious and to drive as slowly as possible.

Another potential road hazard is the road itself. Potholes and debris can all pose a danger to drivers, and by remaining aware of the road you can avoid these hazards completely. Fortunately, some of our vehicles come with safety features that give you better awareness while behind the wheel.

Lastly, we urge our drivers to be cautious around other drivers themselves. Other drivers can be unpredictable, and at times reckless. You can avoid the hazard posed by other drivers by obeying traffic signals and being fully present behind the wheel.

Whether you’re looking for an affordable car, or want maintenance guidance from our skilled service department, here at Van Horn Budget Auto we pride ourselves in offering you all the resources you need to fulfill all of your automotive needs.